ICF Approved Coach Training Program - Coaching For Her Breakthrough - 23 Hours CCE

Why Are Women NOT Happy Today?

"Am I really happy?" - Is the question women constantly ask themselves. We live in a world where women are expected to play “perfect role models” for all the roles she lives - perfect daughter, perfect mother, perfect daughter in law , perfect wife and the list goes on. In this journey she tries to live upto these labels put by society. And to do so, she makes huge sacrifices. In fact, it is expected of her!

It's not surprising that many women have asked themselves and identify with these questions:

  • “Why am I not at peace?”
  • “Why am I not positive?”
  • “All I need is respect, why can't I have it?”
  • “Why am I the one who is expected to sacrifice my needs?”
  • “I want unconditional love from my family, why can't I get that?”
  • “Why am I not able to choose my career or life partner?”
  • “Why do I take decisions that I regret later?”
  • “I need time for myself, why can't I get that?”
  • “I need passion and spark in me, why is it missing from my life?”
  • “Why am I not accepted the way I am?”

And after asking all these questions, what does she do?

  • Ignores this and keeps living as is
  • Puts on a happy mask due to social pressure
  • Keeps saying “this will pass”
  • Shops
  • Has discussions with friends which lead no where
  • Engages in work
  • Increases Emotional Eating
  • Obsesses about her looks at the beauty salon
  • Ignores her feelings to avoid conflict
  • And the list goes on

But has she ever thought, "Is this really helping me?" "What lays at my core, which if resolved, will to lead a HAPPY , INDEPENDENT and EMOTIONALLY STABLE LIFE?"

About This Program

icf nlp mumbai pune anil dagia 5th element her breakthroughThis program, ‘Coaching For Her Breakthrough’ is specially created & designed by Supriya Pujari for women who are seeking transformation. The program consists of a Transformation framework that can be used by coaches and / or clients of coaches. This is a very powerful framework to coach yourself and other women who are seeking emotional stability, who need help to make decisions, who are going through identity challenges, who need clarity of life, who are seeking work life balance, who are seeking emotional stability, peace of mind, affection and acceptance from people or women who are facing challenges in any area of their life.

As Her Breakthrough Coach, you will be able to help yourself and other women to find answers they are seeking to their questions. As Her Breakthrough Coach, you are not just earning your livelihood. You are adding meaning to the lives of thousands of others.

This Is What Is Covered During This Training...

  • Introduction to the Coaching framework of competencies & ethics - mandatory content for all ICF approved courses

  • Advanced Coaching Framework for - Coaching Women

  • Underlying components of the framework which makes the framework work

Here Is Exactly What You Get From This Training...

  • Course manual

  • ICF Certificate (23 approved coach specific training hours - CCE. 18.25 hours Core Competencies + 4.75 hours Resource Development)

  • Her Breakthrough Coach Certificate

  • Coaching Kit - A ready to use scripts , process document with samples that gives you the exact steps you need to follow to use in your coaching framework

  • Coaching Professional's Business Kit - A ready to use system with templates & samples that gives you the exact steps you need to follow to set up a professional coaching business & demonstrate value like a seasoned professional worth Rs 65,000 (USD 1000) for FREE

  • Access (physical) to library with digital learning resources worth at least Rs 6,50,000 (USD 10,000) for FREE

  • All this amounts to a total added up value of at least Rs 718,000 (USD 11,000) for FREE


  • Working knowledge of English language

  • Must be older than 18 years of age

Program Owner & Your Trainer

Supriya Pujari


Internationally Recognized Coach Training Certification
Approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) – the institution that sets the standard for the coaching industry, you can be assured of a world-class internationally recognized program. Upon successfully completing the training you will be Certified Her Breakthrough Coach by 5th Element in partnership with Supriya's Life Coaching Center. As a graduate of Her Breakthrough Coach certification course, you would have gained 23 hours of coach training (CCE) (18.25 hours Core Competencies + 4.75 hours Resource Development).

When & Where Is The Next Training?

Schedule for the next 2 batches is as follows:

Watch this space. Dates to be announced soon...

How Much Do You Have To Invest?
icf nlp mumbai pune 5th element anil dagia value deal

Firstly, ask yourself, what is your coach certification worth to you emotionally.

Secondly, there exists no other training that offers what this training offers.

Thirdly, any good quality training that offers less than a quarter of this value would cost a minimum of INR 100,000/- (US$ 1,500) or more.

Fourthly, the total value of benefits you receive is almost Rs 7.18 lakhs (USD 11,000)

And you are getting all of the value of this training at a fraction of that amount.

You get all this by investing just Rs 17,500 (+ 18% GST) i.e., just around USD 300.


100% Money Back, Satisfaction Guarantee
icf nlp mumbai pune 5th element anil dagia money back

I personally offer you 100% safety to try this course. That’s all I’m suggesting. Just come to the first day of the workshop to see if it works for you.

If it does, you’ll be delighted - and I think that’s exactly what’s about to happen.

We’ll continue our time together and ensure that you learn & apply all the skills taught during the training & are able to setup a roadmap to attract clients, start your journey of self-transformation, help transform the lives of people, create breakthrough results in your life and in your client’s lives & be proud of your certification & the authority & credibility that you get along with it.

I take your learning & growth very seriously & you have my personal promise that I will not rest till you are delighted by your learning & transformation.

If for some reason you’re not delighted with day one, and the amazing skills that you learn & apply, then just let me know - and you get all your money back – a complete refund.

If you are not satisfied, I would not feel right keeping your money, so I make it easy for you to get this refund. And just to be clear, there are absolutely no strings attached, no forms to fill, nothing to prove & no questions asked. And you won’t even have to wait. The refund will be issued on the spot. I won’t even ask for the training material to be handed back to me. And you can still continue to attend the rest of the classroom training.

Just for the record in all my years as a trainer, I haven’t had a single refund request.

I am so confident of my training and so sure that you will be overwhelmed with the amount of skills you learn to apply, that I am making this promise… anyone who requests a refund will receive, without question, without hassle, without delay.

It's Decision Time Now...
icf nlp mumbai pune 5th element anil dagia act now

By enrolling for my course, you know you will:

  • learn coaching skills & apply them,

  • at a price unmatched in terms of its value,

  • attract clients & help hundreds of people,

  • start the journey of self-transformation,

  • help transform the lives of people,

  • create breakthrough results in your life and in your client’s lives

  • be proud of International certification with the unfair advantage of a dual certification course.

I have shown you the proof that it has worked for so many people & it will work for you too. You know that with my no way to lose, 100% unconditional money back guarantee, you are 100% protected & safe. You are standing at the crossroads. To the left is the same rough rocky road of indecision you’ve been traveling. To the right is the road fewer people will choose. This road is not harder, not expensive, it’s different, its disproportionately higher value for your investment. Choosing the right road makes all the difference. I’m wishing you choose the right road & join me today.

You are getting value of more than Rs 7,00,000 (USD 11,000) at an investment which is a miniscule fraction of this value. This is unmatched even by courses that charge 4 to 6 times the price of investment. You learn amazing coaching skills, you can start off into the profession of coaching & start contributing to society & people in a more meaningful way, attract clients without being a pushy salesman, experience personal transformation, gain credible & authoritative international qualifications.

But you must hurry. My batch sizes are small, intimate & personal and hence my batches get sold out months in advance.

Here's How you Can Enroll...

Here is what you must do to enroll

  1. Click on a program listed below based on the date of your choice. You will be taken to the calendar page for those dates
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Register (Individual)
  3. Enter your name, mobile number & email address
  4. If any bonus offer is available, select the bonuses that you want to claim
  5. Scroll down to Payment Type field and select "Full Payment" from the dropdown
  6. Select Payment Method as CCAvenue for INR payment / Paypal for International payment
  7. Tick mark on the Terms & Condition check box
  8. Click on verification for "I'm not a robot"
  9. Click on Process Registration
  10. You will be taken to payment gateway
  11. Make your payment using your credit card, debit card or internet banking (for payments from within India) or paypal account (for International payments)

Once payment is completed, you will receive an automated email from my system with your registration details & your learning journey will start immediately.

Watch this space. Dates to be announced soon...

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